Vincent Maes, CISSP

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Who I am

Ethical Hacker/Maker/Musician who enjoys embedded hardware hacking, RF (SDR), Arduino, and Raspberry Pi experimentalist, malware researcher and amateur astronomer.  


Raspberry Pi SDR SIGINT workstation


HackRF Portapack Mayhem firmware


RFCat and rtl_433 Python scripting


Product testing of UWB directional antennas


UWB location measurement technologies (AirTag)


UAP investigation methodologies for data collection, integrity, analysis, and security. The goal is to provide an intelligence collection framework and software control system offering data storage, classification, logging, event time synchronization, GPS tagging, workflow, configuration management, equipment calibration, reliability, and chain-of-custody in supporting scientific data collection.

Ham Radio: KF0IFV

Currently working as an information security threat analyst for a public company.    

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